21 Days: Just a Little Sugar

For the first 21 days of March, I will watch my sugar intake and see how it affects my mood and appetite. I won’t be avoiding completely… I will have a little sugar first thing in the morning in fruit or fruit juice, some sugar when I work out, and maybe a dessert once or twice a week.

Popular health and weight loss literature compares sugar to alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine in terms of addiction and mood alteration. Some experts will even tell you that sugar is “poison” and should be avoided at all costs. While I feel this is a stressful way to look at sugar, I do agree that Americans consume far more sugar than their health can tolerate. Over the next 21 days, I’ll post what I know about sugar, and I hope this helps you make better eating choices for your fit lifestyle.

If you’d like to watch your sugar intake with me, you will need to pay attention to the “Sugars” number on a nutritional label, under the “Total Carbohydrate” section. Other resources I like using for nutritional information are Calorie King and The Daily Plate at Livestrong.com.