Week of Grace: Embracing the Blonde

This is going to sound VERY silly… but I LOVE putting a little blonde in my hair. My hairstylist and girlfriend Sarah of… gosh 10? 15??? years just added some in. It makes me feel all sunshiney summery beachy. It also camouflages my white hairs! Woo hoo!

It used to be that blond on Asians didn’t work so well. The hair typically turned out in unpleasant shades of orange. Or ashy greenish. Hair color technology has progressed, and while blonde still looks unexpected and a maybe a bit rebellious on Asians, I like it! Unexpected and rebellious appeals to me! Blonde also makes me feel a little silly and a little vain and a little self-indulgent, but all in happy ways.

I also love red. Red makes me feel daring and mischievous.

I should add I also like black with blue highlights, but that feels too glam for me. I have not yet embraced my glamness.

Today, I’m enjoying my blonde. Thanks, Sarah, for helping me be me!

PS – You can find Sarah at Tahiti Nails & Hair in Scripps Ranch. Please call her 858-442-7814 and let her know I recommended her. Sarah stands out because she is amazingly competent and technical about all the gunk she puts in your hair. And of course, she is artistic, methodical, and professional to boot.

I have quite a bit to be grateful for this month, so I will be journaling those stories for August’s Week of Grace. If it reminds you of something you’re grateful for, please please please share them here in the comments. I love reading them!

Week of Grace is a 7-day journaling project, scientifically designed to make you happier, healthier, and more productive. For 7 days, please join in and respond to the gratitude story posted! To get the full benefits, you should write out your response rather just think about it. You may comment here, tweet #weekofgrace, email a friend, or even write out your response longhand.

Week of Grace for August 2010 starts Wednesday the 25th and ends Tuesday the 31st.