Kevin Craft is My New Hero


Last night Arizona State beat UCLA 34-9. Sun Devils scored four defensive touchdowns, which means 28 of their 34 points can be pretty much credited to Bruin offense.

In case you don’t know, this is fairly indicative of the whole Bruin season this year. Every week, I hear my die-hard-Bruin-sports-fans family moaning about how bad Kevin Craft, the UCLA quarterback, is. “AAAAH! What was that??? WHO is he throwing that to???” These sentiments are verbalized… oh… at least 3 or 4 times a game now.

I don’t really follow sports, so I had to ask, “Why do they keep sending that poor kid out there? Doesn’t he get beat up going to class or anything?” It turns out that Craft is the 3rd string QB, but the 1st and 2nd strings are all out for one reason or another, and my sister glumly reports that the coaches say that he’s still the best one on the team. “Wow,” I keep saying. “The best one! Really! Wow.

Anyways. I MUST give this to Craft… they keep sending him out, and he still gets out there! I am told that he doesn’t whine, and every news article I’ve read about him says he has great attitude and sincerely does his best.

Now, isn’t this true… that sometimes, you find yourself in situations that are tougher than you anticipated, and somehow, you gotta get through it, one day at a time, one throw at a time. And everything might still suck no matter what you try, and your teammates might drop the ball the times you make a great throws, and your bosses tell you to get back out there even though you know a whole lotta people would be happy if you just quit.

Well, I’m feeling there’s a lot of that right now. And I have a lot of respect for the people who are not whining and not giving up, despite everything that sucks.

So… here’s to you, Kevin. Good luck on your next game. You’ve got at least one Bruin fan.