Workout Tunes + Video Break: No Treadmills Required

I laughed out loud at this because I run to this song all the time. In fact, according to iTunes, I’ve played it well over 259 times. The song is Misirlou by Dick Dale & The Del-Tones, and you probably recognize it if you’re a fan of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

If you’re a fast runner (around 9-min miles or faster), this is a good warmup song. If you start at an 11 or 12-min mile pace, Misirlou is great one for picking up your speed during your run.

Of course, some cats actually prefer treadmills…

BONUS Entertainment: start playing the slide kittens and when the music starts, play the treadmill kittens at the same time. It syncs up quite well!