Week of Grace: What You Learned From Your Ex

Ran the 2nd half of the San Francisco Marathon yesterday, then caught up with an old friend who lives in the city. We had a great conversation about stupid things we did while we were dating, and how they actually contributed to our happy relationships today.

What have you learned from your ex or exes that make your relationships happier and stronger today?

Week of Grace is a 7-day journaling project, scientifically designed to you make you happier, healthier, and more productive. For 7 days, please join in and answer to the gratitude question posted! To get the full benefits, you should write out your response rather just think about it. Like the featured guests, you may comment here, or you can tweet #weekofgrace, email a friend, or even write out your response longhand.

Week of Grace for July 2010 starts Monday the 26th and ends Sunday, August 1.