Week of Grace: Running Faster & Better

My running pace has been feeling sluggish for a while, and I always want to be a better coach, so I was eager to attend Dr. Jason Karp’s VO2Max Distance Running Clinic. WOW am I grateful I went! It was great to review the material I’d seen before, and AMAZING to get more information on how to put all of it together. I was also very impressed and motivated by speaker Paul Greer of the San Diego Track Club. He made me want to join on the spot. I hope to see more of Paul and Jason in the future.

Top three things I got out of the seminar:

(1) I’m running too fast on my easy runs. Almost everyone I know does. I suppose that’s good news.

(2) I now know how to better schedule my hard runs and incorporate them into my training season.

(3) Lots of fun workouts in Jason’s book 101 Developmental Concepts & Workouts for Cross Country Runners. I recommend it for all fitness trainers, even if they don’t run… actually, I’d recommend it ESPECIALLY if they don’t run.

Thanks for a great seminar, Jason! I’m happy to talk it up to all my running buddies and fitness peeps!

PS: I’m also grateful that my best running buddy, my sis, kept me company when I attended and had brunch with me after!

I have quite a bit to be grateful for this month, so I will be journaling those stories for August’s Week of Grace. If it reminds you of something you’re grateful for, please please please share them here in the comments. I love reading them!

Week of Grace is a 7-day journaling project, scientifically designed to make you happier, healthier, and more productive. For 7 days, please join in and respond to the gratitude story posted! To get the full benefits, you should write out your response rather just think about it. You may comment here, tweet #weekofgrace, email a friend, or even write out your response longhand.

Week of Grace for August 2010 starts Wednesday the 25th and ends Tuesday the 31st.