The Cupcake Diet

So, my big idea was to write this diet book called “The Cupcake Diet”. I don’t know if this is true where you live, but cupcakes are the big thing right now! It seems like I run into a new shop at least once a week! So marketing-wise, it would be totally awesome! In addition, science suggests that if you included cupcakes in your reduced-calorie diet, you should still lose weight!

I decided to do some research. As a service to the public good, I would make the sacrifice and eat more cupcakes.

So, for about 6 weeks, I ate a few more cupcakes and desserts and carbs than I normally do, still staying within my normal range of calories. To my complete non-surprise, my weight and lean mass fluctuated a little, but no more so than usual.

Things were looking great for my book… except… arrgh… I have to tell you… my skin went to utter %#$@!!! I broke out with acne and itchy red skin, and I’m guessing the inflammation was internal as well. Inflammation is a Really Bad Thing, if you haven’t heard… linked to everything from arthritis to chronic fatigue to dementia. Now, I have experienced wheat sensitivities before, but I can usually tolerate a little, so I was surprised I got such a strong reaction. I also just learned that dairy and sugar might affect acne. I guess the trifecta of wheat, sugar, and dairy did it in for me.

Then I went back to my usual diet, which is low in wheat, sugar, and dairy. It includes an occasional-but-not-daily dessert. My skin cleared up almost immediately, and even dark circles around my eyes seemed to improve. *sigh* I guess I won’t be gaining fame and fortune from the Cupcake Diet after all.

This isn’t all bad news. First, this was just a little experiment of one. I think everyone is a bit different, and just because I have problems with these foods doesn’t mean you will, too. I imagine some lucky people will be able to eat a cupcake a day with no weight gain AND no skin issues. After all, I don’t have to cut out cupcakes entirely… I normally have a treat now and then without triggering the monster skin attacks, so it’s not like I felt deprived. The other good news might be… if you have acne and inflammation, you can always try cutting back on the wheat, sugar, and dairy for a week or two, and see if your skin improves.

If you try out eating more sweets, or cutting back for a few weeks, please tell me how it goes!