Runner’s Gift from Scott Meyers of Basic Instructions

My favorite comic strips of all time are: The Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom Country, Life in Hell, Dilbert, Foxtrot, and Basic Instructions.

If you’ve never heard of the last one, go immediately to and enjoy. I found out about Basic Instructions on Scott “Dilbert” Adams’s blog, and it turns out Scott Meyers, the creator of Basic Instructions, is amazingly cool.

How cool is he?

I told Scott I loved this strip about freaky runner parades, and could I have a mug of it? Rather than completely ignore me, which is usually what happens when I write to my internet heroes, he sends me a link to a customizable mug:

Anti-Running Mug from Scott Meyers of Basic Instructions

Now go buy it for all your runner friends, especially if they’ve just finished a marathon or half! I suggest the 15oz ringer’s mug in black or the travel mug. Buy yourself one of Scott’s signed books or Infini-Tee while you’re at it.

Thanks Scott! I hereby officially deem you Prime Exalted Cartoonist of!