St. Patrick’s Fit Events & IRISH I TRAINED T-Shirts

This St. Patrick’s Walk/Run is my favorite 10K event of the year:

It’s kinda silly, but I always have a good time! You can dress up all green & Irish-y, and you can even bribe your not-so-fit friends and family to participate, since they serve beer and pizza! How can you beat that? Okay, on 2 occasions I ran, the weather was kinda wet and cold… but we did get a real-life rainbow those 2 years!

The best part is that the race is very friendly for all levels of fitness… you can walk or run 2 or 4 miles, or you can run the 10K (6.1 miles). It’s pretty flat, and the scenery at Fiesta Island is awesome.

So, I hope I will see you at Mission Bay this Saturday, March 14th! If you’d like an “Irish I Trained for This” t-shirt to wear for me, you can order them 17% off at with coupon code MARCH19. I appreciate your support!

If you don’t have the luck to live in San Diego, try a Google search on “st patrick [run/walk] [your city]”. For example, here are the St. Patrick running events for Los Angeles.