Feeling Thankful

I started running on Thanksgiving Day 2005, at the Turkey Trot in downtown San Diego. So every Thanksgiving now, I have one more reason to celebrate! Running has changed my whole outlook on what I’m actually capable of, and I am thankful for everyone who has shared this part of my life with me.

Today, I want to congratulate my friend Pam, who finished her first 5K at the Oceanside Turkey Trot! See? Wasn’t bad at all!

(I’m sure she’ll start speaking to me again soon.)

I also want to acknowledge my sister, who crawled out of bed early and drove through sheets of rain to run the race with me.

(She eventually conceded she had fun, too. After we stopped running, of course.)

My folks are in town, and I’m looking forward to stuffing and pie and playing Guitar Hero with my cousins. Oh sure, times are a little rough right now, but it makes it that much easier to be thankful for all the things that are good.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!