A Light Heart Lives Long – LightHeartedFitness.com

I’ve been trying to come up with a “catchier” website domain name that was easy to remember and spell. And of course, it had to fit what I was all about.

Today, I’m pleased to launch my branding: LightheartedFitness.com

And my new tagline: A light heart lives long.

This line is actually an old Irish saying, as well as a quote from Shakespeare’s Love’s Labor’s Lost (Act 5, Scene 2, Line 18). I like that the words light and heart have so many meanings and connotations relevant to health and fitness. And I like that the words light-hearted lets people know that I think laughter and humor are important to their well-being.

Finally, while I will always advocate the importance of health and fitness, I also like the reminder to not take myself so seriously.