5 New Resolutions

Ok, I know… we’re going to lose weight, stop smoking, save money, get a new job, and be nicer to people we like, right?

Here are 5 “other” resolutions that I’d love to see people make:

(1) I will WRITE DOWN my goals and get some coaching in making them specific, measurable, and realistic. “Write down” means hard copy on paper, either handwritten or printed out.

(2) I will, once a day, take a moment to think about something good that came out of the last 24 hours. Even better, I will WRITE IT DOWN.

(3) I will plan for rest and recovery in my schedule. This may mean leaving time in the day for naps, or it may mean scheduling a real vacation.

(4) I will support friends and coworkers who have fitness goals, and I will NOT sabotage their programs by being “nice” (“oh, you can have that cupcake,” “here, have another drink,” “yeah, I’m good with cutting this workout short,” etc).

(5) *** THIS IS IMPORTANT *** says the nice fitness trainer to no one in particular: I will SHOW UP for my workouts, even if I’m tired or hungover or sore or on my period (yes, I said it!!!). I will only skip my workout when I’m contagious or I will get fired.

Hey trainers and coaches! What’s the resolution you’d like to see your clients make?