1001 Rep Challenge for April 2015: Lunges and Stepups

The 1001 Rep Challenge

Complete 1001 reps (or minutes) of a selected exercise within a month.

For left-right exercises, like 1-arm presses and lunges, count 1001 reps PER SIDE, 2002 total.

April 2015: Lunges and Stepups

Step it up for April! The goal for this month is 1001 reps of lunges and/or stepups EACH leg! Lunge and stepup variations such as side lunges, split squats, Bulgarian split squats, glider lunges, step downs, etc, with or without weights, are all allowed and encouraged.

IMPORTANT! Challenge Guidelines

To develop healthy habits while reducing risks of injury:

  • Plan your 1001 reps on a consistent schedule with regular rest days.
  • Break up your 1001 reps into safe, manageable sets or intervals.
  • Take no more than 1 or 2 rest days in a row.
  • Count a maximum of 101 total reps per day. (You may do more, as long as it’s safe for you, but only 101 will count towards this challenge.)
  • Check with your fitness trainer that you are performing the selected exercise with safe, effective form.
  • Consult your doctor, fitness trainer, and other health professionals to make sure that your exercise plan supports your health goals and level of fitness.
  • You may need to modify the exercise, pick another exercise, or adjust the number of reps.

Am I doing these lunges right?

If you’re in San Diego North County, ask me for a workout and we can check your form for safety. Your first workout is always on me. Text or call me at 760-575-HAPPY (4277) for schedule and availability.