100% Money-Back Guaranteed Workouts

I know that there are a lot of personal trainers out there, so I know it’s important to make myself stand out. One way I try to do this is to make things easier on new clients. My goal is to (1) remove annoying sales pressure and (2) remove your risk of wasting money.

So, If you know someone who’s looking for a personal trainer, but are afraid of aggressive gym sales or being sucked into something that they can’t afford or won’t make them happy, please let them know about my low-to-no-pressure sales approach and guaranteed workouts.

Because your workouts should work out for you!!! (Ehehehehe… marketing copy can get so corny…)


My workouts should make you happy! If you’re unhappy with a workout, I won’t take your money.

My workouts shouldn’t break your bank! I try to price very competitively, but if you still don’t feel you can afford my programs, please tell me what’s in your budget so that I may improve my services to you. You should NEVER feel that I judge you for how much money you have.

Your workouts should work out for you! You should NEVER feel pressured or obligated to buy my services. I will ALWAYS encourage you to pick exercises and programs that will serve YOU best, and I will actively look for other trainers, gyms, and programs that may work for you. Also, at the end of your program, you should NEVER feel guilty about “leaving me” to try something new.